Am I Crazy, or What?

“Have you ever found yourself reacting in a way that doesn’t make sense, frozen in fear when everyone else would say that you are in a “safe” situation or feeling more disconnected than connected with your current reality?”

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Ellen Michel
Meet Alex

“ One of my desires in counseling is to create a trusting environment in which people can feel safe and supported as we walk through difficult situations or transitions in life.”

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Alex Wendel
Meet Mallory

“One of the greatest areas of growth in my own life has been learning how to choose my family as my priority even when I have other’s that seemingly need me.”

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Mallory Cooper
Want to Stay Happily Married?

Do you remember the last fight you had with your partner?  Do you remember what the fight was about?  Most likely, you don’t remember what you and your partner fought about, or it was so ridiculous you’d rather not tell me. 

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Ilsa Araki
Depression in College Students

The first time I experienced depression was when I was a sophomore in my undergraduate studies. I was already a psychology major at that time, and yet I failed to recognize that I was suffering from depression.

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Sarah Steed