Back to School - Rest

Lately, I’ve started noticing my own anxiety begin to rise when there are fewer options to fill my time with. I became aware of my own body feeling discomfort when I had nothing to do, or “scroll through”.

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John MonroeComment
Swipe Right

I believe a child as young as 11 or 12 (about 5th-6th grade) would be able to read and understand this book, though teenagers and adults would definitely benefit from it as well.

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Stephanie Johnson
Being an Adult With ADHD

The skill I had to learn was to not try to fight my brain. Sure, assignments may take longer, so I need to start them earlier. With ADHD, your brain is going to jump from place to place, sporadically, chaotically, and hilariously.

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John Monroe
Am I Crazy, or What?

“Have you ever found yourself reacting in a way that doesn’t make sense, frozen in fear when everyone else would say that you are in a “safe” situation or feeling more disconnected than connected with your current reality?”

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Ellen Michel