Meet John

Hello! My name is John Monroe and I’m one of the Counseling Interns at Northshore Family Counseling. I’ve been working at the practice since the beginning of 2018 and have loved every day there! I’m actually not a native to Louisiana at all; I was born and raised just outside Houston, Texas. 

I have two dogs, Luna and Vincent, and they are both rescues that we adopted locally. Vincent is well-trained, and I believe Luna thinks she is trained, however rambunctious she may be. This June my wife and I celebrated our two-year anniversary of marriage and moved to Louisiana! We both have done our best to follow God’s call in our lives, even when it is extremely difficult. 

Some of my hobbies include music, cooking, traveling with my wife, and reading. I used to hate reading in high school, but as I finished college and began my working on my masters, I realized how crucial it was to have books I enjoyed reading as a part of my self-care.  One of the greatest areas of growth in my own life has been learning how to process my own emotions and practicing mindfulness in my daily life. I had always heard that deep breathing was beneficial. I even had professors in my undergrad do deep breathing and meditation in class. Now, I practice deep breathing on a daily basis and I always encourage my clients to do the same.

Another thing I love is getting to walk with couples through counseling and assisting them as they grow and embolden their marriages. I always recommend Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson as an incredible resource for couples wondering where to start on improving communication in their marriages. I personally have read it and use the principles she teaches daily.  

As you consider counseling, I am always honored and humbled to work intentionally with my clients and hope that you feel welcomed and encouraged here at Northshore Family Counseling. We would love to set up an appointment or free phone consultation with you. Feel free to email me by clicking here or get in touch with our administrative assistant here.