Meet Ellen

Hi everyone! My name is Ellen Michel. I am honored to be on staff as a PLPC at Northshore Family Counseling. Here is a little more information about me. I am a native of Louisiana and have lived in both north and south Louisiana throughout my life. Seafood and Cajun food run through my veins. I have been married a little over a year. We do not have children yet, but look forward to adding to our legacy in the future. I love spending my free time with my husband, just relaxing. My favorite hobby is reading, especially fiction novels that allow me to “escape.” If I could, I would probably spend all of my time in or near large bodies of water. Every chance I can get, the beach is one of my favorite places to relax.  

As I embarked on my journey to become a counselor, I did so because I felt God’s calling on my life. Little did I know how much becoming a counselor would change my life for the better. One thing I have learned is that while helping people is a good thing, having boundaries will give every person a much fuller life. Coming from a pleasing people mentality, I always wanted to do for others, but did not realize that “running on empty Ellen” was not able to help others in the way they needed.  The first set of boundaries I established dealt with how I spent my time, then quickly shifted to who I spent my time with and how I interacted with or did not interact with other people. One of the resources that helped me find more boundaries and balance is the book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. It can be found on our Resources page here. 

Have you been finding yourself running on empty, desiring to please others, and over-working with less satisfaction? If you related to my lack of boundaries life, it may be beneficial to have someone walk you through the journey to a more balanced life. It is not a sign of weakness to get help to recognize how “human” you really are. If it were not for the people around me during my transition, I would still be doing too much and feeling exhausted. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 985-661-0560 or email me to schedule a counseling session. It would be my honor to walk with you as you gain more boundaries in your life.