Meet Mallory

Hello! My name is Mallory Cooper and I’m one of the Provisional Licensed Professional Counselors at Northshore Family Counseling. I’ve been working at the practice since the October 2018 and have enjoyed working with this staff. I am originally born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, but have lived in New Orleans since 2011 and now call it home.

My husband and I have been married 3 years and have a friendly, chatty two-year-old daughter together. We love our South Louisiana community and have grown to consider them family. Some of my hobbies include cooking, eating, playdates with other moms, coloring with my daughter, and reading out loud with my husband. We are currently reading a memoir of a comedian we love, but plan to read The Hobbit together next.

One of the greatest areas of growth in my own life has been learning how to choose my family as my priority even when I have other’s that seemingly need me. I have learned the art, and am still learning, of placing boundaries with friends, work and my education in order to make sure my family knows that they are my true calling from the Lord. I have learned that saying saying “Yes” to something usually means saying “No” to something else and have had to identify what the best “Yes” is.

As you consider counseling, I am always honored and humbled to work intentionally with my clients and hope that you feel welcomed and encouraged here at Northshore Family Counseling. We would love to set up an appointment or free phone consultation with you.

Mallory Cooper