Meet Alex

            Hey! My name is Alex Wendel and I am one of the counselors here at Northshore Family Counseling. At the time of writing this I have a week left of my graduate studies at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Graduating will be a major achievement for me and the first major step into my desired career path of being a counselor who is equipped to help those in need of compassionate care.

            I have been married for a little over 6 months to my awesome, encouraging, brave, and patient wife, Livy. We have a dog named Clive (who is named after C. S. Lewis, one of my favorite authors) who thinks he is a little puppy but in reality, he is half Great Dane. The most recent example of this is seen in how quickly our Christmas tree is being destroyed by his tail when he is excited.

            In addition to my Masters in Counseling, I will have also completed a Masters in Christian Apologetics. This additional work has helped me to better understand and implement aspects of the Christian faith into my own life and into counseling. The pursuit of this other Master’s degree grew out of my ever increasing nerdiness and desire to know “all the things.” In other words, one of my hobbies is reading. I enjoy learning new things about psychology, theology, philosophy, and many other “-ologies.”

            I also really enjoy music and even play a handful of instruments but the only one I would say I am competent at is the drums. It was actually my desire in music that really brought about my desire to become a counselor. When I was in high school, I struggled with depression and felt isolated because of that. It was not until I began going to concerts that I began to see that I was not alone in my struggles and that there were others going through similar things.

            At this point in my life (and to some degree today), I was really into heavy rock/screamo music because I felt like these artists were articulating emotions that I felt. I got to know other people that enjoyed this music and we really began to connect with and support one another. During this time, I also sought out a counselor that could help me sort through the feelings that I was having. It was the combination of a compassionate counselor and a caring community that really helped me through that season of life.

            One of my desires in counseling is to create a trusting environment in which people can feel safe and supported as we walk through difficult situations or transitions in life. I believe that people can heal in safe community with other people and, many times, counseling can be the place that his takes place. We at Northshore Family Counseling would love to set up an appointment or free phone consultation with you. Feel free to email me at or call the office at 985-661-0560.

Alex Wendel